A few words about the Administrators:

Rosie and JoeWe live in a tiny-house up in the Sierras. (Yes, like the TV show) We’re in Yosemite Territory, and we both work full time running our restaurant, so this online community is a passion of ours that we pursue on our off time. Joe makes a mean spaghetti sauce from scratch. I put too much sugar in my coffee.

As the current political climate lengthened and matured, we grew tired of the anger and caustic hate rolling around much of the internet and media outlets. Dauntless is intended to be a safe place for the honest and open exchange of ideas. It is intended to be a resource for those in crisis. Here we are a community.

We believe in the truth of global human equality regardless of color, religion, gender, orientation or ability. And we oppose any law or, set of laws, that would attempt to limit the rights of an entire demographic of people.

Unjust laws create second-class citizens.

We fight for the equality of all people, because hey, we love you guys.

~Rosie & Joe